monday mumblings

Here I am, watching the last few minutes of the morning tick off, once again sitting in the glow of the sunshine flowing in from the open door. One little girl is sleeping peacefully in the room next to me, and two little boys are outside adventuring their way up and down the yard. I have drank my daily allotment of coffee, and sip on water between jumps to go check on the progress of 4 little legs and 4 little arms fighting their way against lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

There are big possibilities facing the Vander Ley family. We are dreaming, and taking steps, and wondering when we will hit the brick wall that will tell us to stop. After all, we are children of farmers. There is always a limit to where you can dream, where you can go.

Or is that big blue sky there for us to grab?

There is nothing like vague pronouncements on a blog to make things really real. But, until they are truly, in our hand real, we hold them close to our hearts and our family, stepping forward and proclaiming when we find our firm yes.

For instance, this:


Our first little goat herd. 10 little doelings, small and sweet. Ready to become the mamas to our first crop of what we hope will become our future.

This is what we had hoped for our boys. Something we could do all together. We like each other, and if we could spend our time together as a family, that would be our dream. And so here we are:


A husband using his talents and skills to build what we need, stretching himself beyond what he knows to go for his dreams. 2 little boys running, and chasing, making a bit of nuisances of themselves, riling the goats up. And having the best time.


A little girl watching, taking it all in, counting the days until she can be in there with her brothers.

DSC_0335And me, documenting it, and hopping fences into situations where I don’t really know what to do,┬ábut willing to learn!

And that is us this Monday. Keeping on keeping on, washing the clothes, cooking the meals, working the jobs, but dreaming. Hoping what will be. Because after all, what is this life without a little dream?