Hello, welcome and all that.


(that’s me!)

I am in my 30s and live in South Dakota.

I met my husband when we both worked at a summer camp and married him 5 months later.

Best decision ever. He is the mac to my cheese, the peanut to my butter.

wedding and honeymoon 032

(honeymooning in 2010)

Rumor has it I have a college degree, but it has never done more than gather dust in a bin while I stay home and let my children suck all my brain capacity from me, one sippy cup at a time. But, I am beyond blessed (*SAHM mush warning) and do love them to pieces. Sometimes I want to tear them to pieces, but that is just my baser nature trying to cause trouble. I resist and just smoosh their cute little toddler cheeks a little more and I get over it.

My husband has a full time job that provides us with money for food and health insurance, but on the side he works on projects that make his farmer heart happy. He currently raises pheasants for a local hunting preserve and goats for the meat market. I also grew up on a farm, and since I can’t talk him into getting horses, I am working on selling the idea of alpacas to him.

I read a lot of books, send a lot of emails to my friends, and a lot of texts to my husband. I happily hermatize and only seek people out when I’m provoked to. Or when my children send me over the edge. Whichever comes first. I dabble in a bunch of different hobbies, but words are my first love. Reading them, speaking them, hearing them, singing them.