thoughts on a Friday

the sun is shining, the temperature is above 40 and my soul is rejoicing. my desk is positioned just right that I can open our door and have the sun shine on me through the storm door.

if I could only get my children to stop closing it on me constantly, it would be awesome!

speaking of my children, those sleep-interrupting darlings, here they are, in all their messy faced, adorableness:


Lucy felt she needed to help herself to the rest of mommy’s coffee

(aided and abetted by her next oldest brother, who commonly steals my coffee and drinks it down as fast as he can)


this pretty much sums up Will in one small photo essay: the yarn around his head, those baby blues mesmerizing you into giving him whatever he wants, and snacking, always snacking


and the original goof, Drew. love his spunkiness.

this weekend will include a trip to town (which, if you’re from SD, you know involves an hour drive each way, running around to as many stores as possible in the shortest amount of time possible because 3 kids are not for the faint of heart, and feeling your BP rise in conjunction with the debits from your bank account), spending time with my awesome husband since it’s his weekend off, and enjoying some sun. love that sun!!

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