my opening salvo

Here I am, brand new site, just filled with white space, waiting to be filled with black words.

That’s a lot of pressure!

I have written and rewritten this post in my mind over and over again. While walking, while driving, while showering, I have combined witty and poignant and beautiful words to create a masterpiece. But, now I am sitting here, and I have just the normal kind of words.

Sometimes those are the most honest words.

This is my space to show you my world. It is no flying carpet, but it is my shooting rainbow slide (two staples of my childhood right there!).

Here I am, here are my words, thoughts, and pictures. I’m a little cynical, a little sassy, a little sentimental. Sometimes people don’t get that I’m joking when I am. I am totally in favor of creating a sarcasm font, so you understand something is sarcasm the way you understand an italicized title is a book or a movie.  I read a lot of books, have a lot of guilty pleasures, and love my family.

Wait with abated breath for more forthcoming wisdom, wit, and adorable pictures of my progeny!